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Property management is our speciality & our passion, its all about the people, both Landlords & Tenants alike.

A win/win policy for all concerned, is our policy. With regular communication & updates, systems & procedures can be followed & adhered to, resulting in a happy Landlord with their rent paid & their property well cared for & a happy Tenant in a well maintained rental house they can call their home.


We are active Landlords ourselves & understand the needs & frustrations that can come from a maze of overwhelming information. Providing a simple, efficient & effective service has proven to be a winning formula. A hand picked team that provides a wealth of experience & knowledge, underpins the foundations of a team built on integrity, professionalism & relationship building for all concerned. Regular up to date communication for Landlords, stringent rental arrears policy, regular routine inspections for maintenance/property condition, quick turnaround maintenance; invoicing for Landlords to minimize their time & maximize their tax benefits are just some of the ways we deliver a bench mark service. We look forward to enjoying a long & lasting business relationship with you by providing you with a service that sets us apart from the rest, so that YOU can “reap what you sow.”

What We Provide

  • Unlimited private and open inspections 7 days a week
  • Comprehensive tenant screening and selection
  • Meticulous Entry / Exit and Routine Inspection Reports
  • New lease / lease renewals providing rental analysis and subsequent rental increase, if applicable.
  • Strict rental arrears procedure
  • Maintenance issues addressed in a timely manner
  • Rental disbursement twice monthly into nominated account
  • Regular and prompt communication

Why Use Us

  • Rental guarantee provides peace of mind for the owner during the letting process of the investment. Although unlikely, should the property be vacant in excess of 15 business days between tenancies, property rent will be paid by Harvesting Group Property Management until the property is leased. *Condition Apply.
  • Communication is key. The property management team will respond to any email received at prior to 2pm, by the end of the same business day, OR receive a month free management fees.
  • Ability to manage properties in ALL locations with the one management team, making communication, processes and record keeping more streamlined, efficient and above all, time saving.
  • The property management team are all investors themselves so personally appreciate the importance of efficient management to ensure the owner “Reaps the Rewards” of a highly maintained asset.


It’s all about people, our team has great pleasure in delivering a win-win outcome for both the Tenant & Landlord by providing a service that is high in quality, with efficient & effective systems that makes life easier for all concerned. Our approach has led us to many word of mouth referral from both Landlords and Tenants alike which we are very thankful for.

How we got started

“Harvesting Group Property Management” is primarily a family based business, having originated from country Victoria. The core values of the business being respect for others, integrity and work ethic have derived and been ingrained from the many years of farm life. Hence this background, lead to the name of HARVESTING GROUP, noting the close similarities of farming and investing of which, in both cases:

"You Reap the Rewards of what you Sow and Harvest"

In the early 2000s successful investing of dozens of residential properties in several states, including Qld, were realized by many of the family members. This lead to the sale of the farms and subsequent relocation to the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Property sourcing, mortgage broking and educating in finance strategies seemed a natural business transition, soon to be followed on with residential property management.

Today “Harvesting Group Property Management” is a thriving business, always striving to uphold their core values. The key objective of the team is to provide an armchair ride for their landlords while their asset is managed and maintained to its optimum.